Red Deer on Place Fell in the Snow

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Red Deer on Place Fell in the Snow – March 2013

One of the few benefits from all the recent snow around Patterdale and the Lake District has been that the Red Deer from Martindale have come ever lower on Place Fell in search of food. Morgan and I have taken full advantage of this over the last week or so to try and take some photos.

For those that are interested in such things I’m reliably informed (by Tom from the Patterdale Village Store!) that these Red Deer are the only purebred herd of wild deer in England. So now you know…..

Now I don’t pretend to have any great photographic or artistic abilities and the conditions were variable on the fells to say the least but here they are anyway. We enjoyed seeing them and I hope you do too…..

Apologies to anyone mad enough to follow me on Twitter as you’ll have seen most of these before…

Young Stag – The Poser

We were blessed one evening by blue skies and the sight of this young fella who seemed quite happy to pose for us. Whether he was used to the sight of some mad bloke and his hound trudging up the fells twice a day or just curious I have no idea, but I’m glad he hung around long enough for me to take these….

Young Stag on Place Fell

Young Stag on Place Fell

Young Stag on Place Fell


Young Stag on Place Fell

Posing more

Does on the Skyline

On the same evening we spotted these 2 on a ridge. They started watching us but soon found a passing helicopter far more exciting….

Bucks on Place Fell

2 Does on the Skyline

Bucks on Place Fell

Eyes Left……

More and More and More

Whereas earlier in the year we’d seen the occasional one foraging over the last few weeks they have been loads of them as they have had to go lower and lower to get to some food…

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Foraging in the Snow

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Foraging in a Snow Storm

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Foraging and Chillin

It’s Hard work in the Snow

As with the rest of us the Deer have struggled in the Snow – which thanks to the howling winds has drifted in places to make getting about a little tricky….

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Not happy

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Struggling in the Snow

Beautiful Animals

Mostly though they seemed pretty relaxed and undoubtedly beautiful….

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Snow on the nose!

Snow Deer on Place Fell Snow Deer on Place Fell Snow Deer on Place Fell Snow Deer on Place Fell Snow Deer on Place Fell

Snow Deer on Place Fell

Relaxing in the Snow

In search of the Stags

Obviously our dream photo op would have been the huge Stag on the skyline. Sadly we’ve not seen him yet but we’re ever hopeful. In the meantime these are some of the shots we’ve got of the boys …

Stag on Place Fell

Before the snow fully settled last week we saw this guy and his bashful mate

Stags on Place Fell

3 Stags eyeing us up and one making like a bush….

Stag on Place Fell

Watching Us Watching You

Stag on Place Fell

Nice day for a stroll…

Stag on Place Fell

Lad and Lasses

And we did get one of the “Big Daddy” as he was ambling back into cover….

Stag on Place Fell

Anyway that’s the lot, so far at least. A final word of thanks to my long suffering walking companion, Morgan, who has put up with me standing stock still in the snow and wind staring madly up the slopes for ages when all he wants to do is crack on and enjoy the walk….


My Mate Morgan and his comedy Tongue

For more pictures of our adventures in the Lake District around Ullswater, Patterdale and Helvellyn, please follow Helvellyn on Twitter. You can also follow Ullswater on Facebook and Helvellyn on Facebook. If you want to come and stay in the Lake District, all these photos were taken within a 20 minute walk of our pet friendly Patterdale Holiday Cottage.

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10 Responses to Red Deer on Place Fell in the Snow

  1. sophiecussen says:

    Great photo’s. I’m really feeling for you guys over there at the moment. The weather looks awful although having said that – you’re making it look very pleasant 🙂
    I had no idea there were pure breed wild deer in the Lakes. That must be really exciting to see. Thanks for sharing the photo’s.

  2. John says:

    Morgan looks on top form as always – some great shots especially like the 3 stags and a bush shot.

  3. helvellyn says:

    Thanks for the comments. Morgan and I have really loved seeing the deer so low (as I’m sure have loads of other people who’ve been walking around here!!). We also loved the bush shot – waited ages for it to move out of said bush but it never did!!

  4. Lovely to see these – the snowy background sets them off well. Thanks. Love the bushy stag by the way!

      • Don’t know if you like the Dales but I’ve just started a blog at with a few chapters to read on scribd. I got many ideas off yours – keep up the good work!! How long is this winter going to last?? Hoping to get on the fells next week.

      • helvellyn says:

        Hi Stephen

        Great blog & photos – thanks for sharing it! Don’t know the Dales at all – but from the looks of them we need to get better acquainted!! As for winter I’ve had enough – the snow can stay on the fell tops for ages as far as I’m concerned but it’s time it left the valley floor!! All the best.

      • Hi – thanks for the reply. I’ve been writing my book ‘A Three Peaks Up and Under ‘ for some eight years – (divorce way-laid it a while) and I’m just an hour from the Dales so it’s on the doorstep. Your photography skills would be well used in the area – the beauty is a bit more subtle than the Lakes … though I love both areas. I have two weeks off now so am hoping to get out with the camera and keep on the blogging. You have so much on yours it’s going to take me a week to read it all. If there’s one special place on my blog that you have to see, it’s Weathercote Cave – on private land but totally brilliant. Outclasses all the falls I’ve seen in Cumbria and that’s saying a lot. I had to give up serious caving as it injured my already flat feet but I still wander underground from time to time.

      • helvellyn says:

        Weathercote Cave – I’ll check it out! Good luck with the book!!

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