Place Fell in the Snow

Scruffy and Morgan

Scruffy and Morgan

Morgan and Scruffy take their humans for a snowy walk on Place Fell

Having made it half way up Place Fell the day before when Morgan and I were invited to go the whole way up it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Better still (for Morgan at least) our walking companions were Chris and Scruffy, Morgan’s best mate. We were also joined (for part of the trip) by Mountain Man Mike, who was with us until he got a call half way up from the Fire Brigade and randomly decided he had to head back down to polish his hose…

Conditions were much the same as the day before under foot – crunchy snow on the paths and soft fluffy stuff on the sides. As we headed up higher the snow had drifted into some of the gullies on the main path up to the summit so we were walking in the fluffy stuff for much of the way. Needless to say the dogs were in the fluffy stuff pretty much all the time..

Anyway enough of the words once again, here are some photos from the walk….

Ullswater in the Snow

Chris half way up to Boredale with a snowy Ullswater Valley behind

Place Fell in the Snow

A little snow on some of the main path

Mountain Man Mike

Mike gets the call and promptly disappears

Sruffy and Morgan on Place Fell

Scruffy and Morgan await the humans

Place Fell Summit in Snow

Scruffy and Chris on the summit plateau of Place Fell with Helvellyn Behind

Helvellyn, Brotherswater and Ullswater Snow Panorama

Helvellyn, Brotherswater and Ullswater Panorama

Summit of Place Fell in the Snow

Just to prove we made it to the top

Place Fell Summit in the Snow

Place Fell Summit in the Snow

Place Fell Summit Ridge in the Snow

Place Fell Summit Ridge

View of Helvellyn in the Snow

View of Helvellyn from Place Fell Summit

Cracking Ice on Place Fell

Chris bravely fell into this to give the boys a much needed drink

Place Fell Summit in Snow

The Walk Back Home

Morgan above Ullswater in the Snow

A frolicking Morgan above Ullswater

Morgan over Brotherswater

Morgan over Brotherswater

Morgan above Brotherswater

By the time we caught up with him he’d sat down!

Chris proves very popular - or is it that Cornish Pasty??

Chris proves very popular – or is it that Cornish Pasty??

Place Fell in the Snow

Caught on camera – a couple of slackers faking a summit shot!!

Scruffy in the snow

Morgan’s mate Scruffy

Morgan uin the Snow

And my mate Morgan….

For more pictures of Morgan’s adventures in the Lake District around Ullswater, Patterdale and Helvellyn, please follow Helvellyn on Twitter. Enjoy!

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  1. Ross Walker says:

    Looks awesome!

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