Crookabeck Farm Shop

Crookabeck Farm Shop

Crookabeck Angoras and Herdwick Sheep

No apologies for this post – it’s a straight plug for the wonderful products produced by Mary Bell at Crookabeck Farm in Patterdale from her Angora Goats and Herdwick sheep. I’m also showcasing the new website I’ve just done for her.

I’m also tired of seeing that photo of the star jelly on the home page of this blog! For any of you who are still following the star jelly story just to let you know there is no update. No one came forward to examine Tom’s sample, so it’s still sitting in the freezer awaiting analysis. Anyway, moving on…!!!

Crookabeck Farm in Patterdale

Crookabeck Farm

Mary and her family have been farming at Crookabeck in Patterdale by Ullswater for several generations and as well as the farm the family now run 2 bed and breakfasts on site, with Charlene and Adam running the Crookabeck Luxury Farmhouse B&B and Hazel and Eddie’s wonderfully Crookey Cottage B&B in the oldest part of the farmhouse. The working farm is also of course home to Mary’s flock of Herdwick sheep and Angora Goats. Mary has been breeding the goats since 1988, and is in fine company with the likes of Selina Scott and others now fans of the beautiful lustrous mohair they produce.

Mohair Walking Socks

Mohair Products

Mary produces a range of hard-wearing and comfortable mohair socks, including the everyday Patterdale socks and walking socks like the ones pictured above. As well as their warmth and comfort the mohair socks have the added benefit of keeping your feet fresh and clean – so for smelly footed walkers such as myself they’re ideal!

Mohair Scarves

You can also buy a range of wonderful mohair and silk scarves and stoles in a range of vibrant colours. And for those of you looking to knit your own masterpiece they sell a range of mohair knit kits.

Herdwick Wool from Crookabeck Farm

Herdwick Wool Products

No lakeland farm shop would be complete without a range of sheep products. Crookabeck sells the wool from its Herdwick Sheep as well as Cream coloured Swaledale wool. The Herdwick wool is available in a range of natural shades as well as beautiful hand dyed rainbow colours – produced to order by Mary herself making each batch utterly unique.

Rainbow Wool

In addition the Herdwick wool is woven into hardwearing and stylish herdwick rugs which are again made to order and sized. Saving the best til last Mary has also produced a range of other unique products including my favourite – Herdwick Wool Dog Leads. I’m yet to try them out on Morgan but they look amazing and come in slip or clip form.

So there you have it – a whirlwind tour around Crookabeck Farm Shop. You can come and visit the shop n person in Patterdale, or shop securely online at Enjoy!

Crookabeck Angoras

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