Patterdale Blob Cartoons

Colin Shelbourn Cartoons of the Patterdale Blob

Of all the wild and weird press and media coverage surrounding the Lake District star jelly in the last week by far the most gratifying is to see it brought to life in cartoon form. I am therefore immensley grateful to Colin Shelbourn for kindly allowing me to show you 2 sketches he produced this week for potential use in the Westmorland Gazette. Please note these are just sketches and the final cartoon appeared in the paper itself and on Colin’s excellent website

I found these on Colin’s wonderful blog. So enjoy!

© Colin Shelbourn       

© Colin Shelbourn                 www.shelbourn.comNo prizes for guessing which of the two walkers best represents me! Only a shame Morgan didn’t get immortalised!

You can also see more of Colin’s excellent work and buy prints, cards and other good stuff by clicking the image below.

The Radio Cartoonist Shop

The Radio Cartoonist Shop

As for the Patterdale Blob itself still no definitive answers. Dr Sluiman who examined the sample earlier in the week has told some papers that he thinks it’s Stag semen, but told us that he was not sure as he’s a botanist and needed a zoologist of some such to examine it. There have also been other sightings near Huddersfield. I’m still updating the old Star Jelly blog so check it out for the latest. The mystery continues!

Quick plug at the end. If you want to come and look for the Alien Star Jelly yourself why not try and win one of over £5,000 worth of accommodation and other prizes around Ullswater on offer in the Patterdale Grand Raffle. It’s all to support our local primary school. Full details by clicking the image below.

Patterdale Grand Raffle

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