Oxford Crag Walk June 2010

Oxford Crag from Patterdale Photo © Rob Shephard

 Oxford Crag Patterdale by Ullswater in the Lake District

Oxford Crag is located to the west of Patterdale behind the King George V Playing field next to Glenamara Park. As part of my ongoing struggle to get fit for the Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk, wandering up Oxford Crag has become a regular morning jaunt for Morgan and I. The route we take mirrors that used in the annual Ullswater Fair Fell Race (taking place this year on the 27th June for them that’s interested!)

Basically follow the footpath that goes up behined the Patterdale Village Store and follow the path towards Glenamara Park. Just before entering Glenamara turn right by the gate and follow the path straight up along the line of the wall until you reach the end of the wall, at which point just follow one of the various tracks that takes you to the top, where there is a rough stone cairn and more importantly a natural stone trough which provides much appreciated water for the hound.

Ullswater Sheep Photo © Rob Shephard

The views from the top are well worth the struggle up, although this itself is quite short and sharp making it ideal if you only have a limited amount of time (I’m sure the fell runners do it in about 5-10 minutes but I consider I’ve done well if I’m up the top in 20 minutes!). You get some great panoramic views across to Place Fell, Bordedale Hause and High Street in the east, West across to Helvellyn, south towards Deepdale and Kirkstone, and of course to the south over Patterdale and Ullswater.

Oxford Crag towards Grisedale Photo © Rob Shephard

Anyway – it’s well worth the trip if you want a brief and rewarding walk near Patterdale! See some more photos from one of our walks on our Helvellyn on Flickr page.

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