Place Fell Walk June 2010

Place Fell Top Photo © Rob Shephard

Place Fell

Place Fell is one the Eastern Fells in the Lake District, overlooking Ullswater and close to Helvellyn. It also happens to be opposite my house and so a natural candidate for my current quest to get ready for the Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk in July (follow my fairly hopeless training diary).

The walk itself is a fairly straighforward one.  The easiest ascent is to go from Patterdale to Boredale Hause, and then veer to the left.  The climb up to Boredale from Patterdale is fairly direct. At one point just below the first bench the path splits in 2 – you can take either track to reach boredale although my preference is to take the top path.

Once at Boredale, the path upwards is fairly obvious but be aware that anyone you might happen to see up there could be going in any number of different directions as there are myriad paths from here. If it’s early in the morning then chances are your fellow walkers will be heading towards Angle Tarn as part of the famous Coast to Coast Walk.

From Boredale the path winds northwards. The whole path was “upgraded” a couple of years ago and although to some purists it may not be quite as authentic it is at least obvious to follow and easier to walk on than the old path. There are 2 steps of helpfully placed “steps” (where once there was a rocky ravine) and then there is one final ravine to clamber up before you reach the top of Place fell. For those with an aversion to climbing of any sort you can avoid this last bit by taking the path to the left. I tend to come back down via this path as my dog is not the most adept at coming down steep things!

Morgan and High Street

Once you’re on the top you’ll see the Summit in the distance and it’s a gentle walk along the top to reach it. Stick to the paths unless it has been very dry as the ground either side thends to be very peaty and boggy, and if you have a dog then be prepared for them to take a peat bog bath or 2 on the way.

From the summit itself the views all round are fantastic – with Pooley Bridge and Ullswater to the North, High Street to the East and the Helvellyn Range to the West, with Glenridding, Patterdale and Ullswater laid out before you on the valley floor. To the South lies Kirkstone and Brotherswater. In face it’s a good place to see most of the Boundary Walk fells!

Morgan Surveys the Dale

The typical route to return is to then drop down the northern side of the summit and join up with the Ullswater lake shore path and follow this back to Patterdale, although as I was short of time and will be doing the smae route many times over the next month I just cam back down the way I had arrived!

Patterdale with cricket pitch Photo © Rob Shephard

It should take no more than 45 minutes to an hour to get to the top from Patterdale, and the descent is even quicker. I was up there at 19:00 on a Saturday night and what I love about Place Fell is moreoften than not you have it to yourself. A great spot to enjoy the peace and tranqility of the Lakes. Enjoy! If you want to sponsor our team on the Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk please visit our justgiving fundraising page.

Morgan surveys brotherswater

To see more photos from this walk please see our Helvellyn on Flickr Site.

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    Great blog – the walk sounds quite a challenge!

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