Training for the Boundary Walk Week 1

The Main Boundary Walk

Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk Training – Week 1

What’s it all about?

The Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk is an annual sponsored “walk” around the traditional boundary of the Parish of Patterdale. All sounds remarkably sedate until you realise that being in the Lake District this particular parish boundary is 30 miles long, involves 10,000 feet of ascent (Mount Everest is only 29,000 feet!) and includes scaling Helvellyn, Fairfield, Place Fell and a large number of other familiar Lakeland fells. Still it’s all for charity and so worth the effort! This year’s event takes place on Saturday 3rd July 2010 and having crawled my way around in 2009 I am determined to try and do some proper training for this years jaunt….

Why is this unlikely?

Despite living in the dale and having the fells on my doorstep and a dog in the house who would happily spend all day tearing up and down the fells I suffer from several vices which make fell walking a struggle at the best of times. These include a hopeless addiction to nicotine, a severe taste for alcohol (social rather than psychotic) and a waistline that doesn’t bode well for hours walking up hill. Still you’ve got to try haven’t you…

Week 1 – 47 days and counting

The title of this section says it all. Despite having 364 days to prepare since the last event, I of course keep finding plenty of more important things to keep me occupied other than doing some serious preparation. Other than a 4 day jaunt walking in the Sahara back in January training has been limited to daily dog walks and my vices have taken their toll on a daily basis…

Anyway 40 odd days should be fine so here is a quick run down on the first week’s efforts.

Day 1 Health check.

Weight: You must be kidding. Not for public consumption. Suffice to say it equates to a double decker bus fully laden with fast food addicted passengers.

The week in summary

Week 1 enthusiasm riding high as I determine to complete at least 2 hours of good walking every day with the hound. Given my hatred of even the slightest incline I realise this has to include at least some mild ascent so Boredale Hause becomes a daily destination. I even managed to slip in a couple of rather lame games of tennis (doubles of course) during the week although given my lack of ability I’m not sure this really counts towards the training brownie points. Obviously I choose the hottest week of the year to begin the new regime so suffice to say by the weekend I am absolutely knackered and decide to give myself a couple of “light duties” days to recover…

Morgan Waiting for me AGAIN

Day 7 Health check.

Weight: Let’s just say that a couple of the passengers have dropped some Styrofoam containers off the bus, but no significant improvement has been made to the mass of mass.

Alcohol Consumption: well I think I had a couple of dry days in the last week but I can’t quite remember. Thirsty work all this walking…

Nicotine Consumption: well as always I start out with the best intentions but after a long walk there’s nothing better than sitting down with a beer and a cigarette….

Fitness Level Assessment: Me: Poor to diabolical. Fine when a) standing still or b) stumbling downhill or on the flat but still finding walking up hill as enjoyable as teaspoon based disembowelment. Morgan the Dog: Fit as a butchers dog – although getting slightly bored sitting at the top of any slope waiting for me to catch up…

Anyway that’s enough for one week. I’m sure you can’t wait to see how much progress is made in Week 2! In the meantime if you want to help provide an incentive please feel free to sponsor my team. If you’d like to take part then please visit the website for more information.

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